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The moment of Remembering is upon you.

Welcome! It is so good that you are here! This site is the culmination of my desires to create a place that enables you to get the most out of this joyous and wondrous gift that is your life experience.

If you have never experienced the usefulness of Astrology before or you have much personal experience with Astrology, you will find your Essence Astrology experience most unique and special.

Our life experiences are not about getting any one particular thing done; our purpose is not to redeem ourselves from sundry wrong doings in a past life time, nor are we trapped living in a fated or destined life of Karma. We are each here to fulfill our unique potential, and I invite you to explore this site to discover new and exciting ways to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible through the power of Essence Astrology.

If you find yourself here now reading these words it is because you have been wanting. Wanting something new from your life experience perhaps? Wanting to know who it is you really are and what is your purpose? What it is that you are wanting is sometimes a hard thing to determine after a life time of fulfilling the wants of others, having always put their needs before our own, has caused a disconnect from our true self. Your personal birth day can reveal these buried treasures within you, bring you to a place of remembering what it is you may have forgotten about your self! It is truly a release of fresh air into your life when you start to truly remember who you are and what it is you came forth to do.

I invite you to explore this beautiful site you have found your self at! I have so much to share and I am truly honored to have you here! This place is ever expanding and will always offer new insights and share experiences of life stories and offer special things to enhance the essence of your life experience.

This Moment is the one you’ve been asking for!

You are so loved, all the time.

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